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New Unique Country Life



Spend your time to experience the serenity of a quiet place where natural silence reigns.


NOTO PENINSULA VILLAS is a perfect place to stay for relaxation and sightseeing situated in the neighboring place of Kanazawa and Wajima.











Guests can choose from twin bed in a rooms and triple bed in a rooms, all of which exude an atmosphere if total peace and harmony.


Extra beds are dependent on the room you choose, but will not exceed to a maximum of four, please check the individual rooms capacity for more details.


No Toilet & Bath in bedrooms, but there is a traditional Toilet & Bath with a lot of fun in a 24 hours notice.


Free WI-FI in all rooms and all areas. Perfect for PC ang Smartphones.








1474977201_tick_markHand towel


1474977201_tick_markDryer ( bathroom- lababo)

1474977201_tick_markShampoo ( bathroom)

1474977201_tick_markConditioner ( bathroom )

1474977201_tick_markBody soap ( bathroom)



1474977201_tick_markFree wifi


1474977201_tick_markAir conditioner

1474977201_tick_markBath ( sharing / public)

1474977201_tick_markToilet ( sharing/ public)

1474977201_tick_markRefrigerator ( sharing- public)

1474977201_tick_markElectric kettle ( sharing/ public)











Dinner is an eclectic style of western style incorporating local produce and seasonal ingredients.

For those who Cook too many courses, a light dinner plan is also available. There is also a meal plan only.







Breakfast is served as a western style for bread and eggs.

The bread is served with homemade apple jam.











There are two baths, both of which are available 24 hours a day.

The keys are available for private use, so you can relax and unwind.

The bright time is recommended to open the window and enjoy the view of the outside nature.








 1 Night Price
(fee per person)
Off Season
 Off Season
before Saturday or 
Day before holiday
On Season
12/31 to 1/3, GW, Summer excluding the top season)
Top Season
(Obon holiday(with variation on Sturday)) 
 Adult Half Board  9,800  10,400  10,800  11,400
 Child Half Board  7,000  7,000  7,200  7,500
 Breakfast only 5,800   6,000  6,000 6,400 
Bed without meals  4,300 4,500  5,000 *Use only for more than 2 persons   –

For other plans, please refer to the accommodation plan.


Check-in from 3:00 pm     Check-out until 10:00 am.

GW Period 2016:4/29-5/5    Summer: 7/16-8/28 (excluding Obon period)    Obon period: 8/11-8/16


Pets are charged 1,000 yen per night.


Hand towels, bath towels and toothbrushes are available in the rooms. Please bring your pajamas.


<room rates for small children>

If you are staying with a small child, you have the following pricing.


*If you need only meal without bed.

  Dinner with breakfast : 3,500 yen

  Breakfast only : 2,500 yen


*Bed without meal

  The hotel fee is 3,500 yen


*Without bed and meal

  The hotel fee is 1,500 yen


Rent a car rental in Ishikawa and Toyama Prefecture discounts


If you rent a car in a shop that joins the Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Car Rental Association, you will be cheaper to stay!!


You will get a cheaper stay if you rent a car at a shop that is affiliated with Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama Car Rental Association.


1. When you rent a car from a car rental supplier in Ishikawa Prefecture

and Toyama, you will get a “shika-machi car rental user accommodation subsidy voucher”.

(1 per unit)

2. Pass the subsidy ticket to the cruise front desk.


3. If payment is made, the price of the subsidy will be discounted from the room rate. (One of the car rental users or passengers is eligible for grants)


< Disystem Information >

* Limited to Ishikawa car rental and Toyama Car Rental association merchants.

* Please check directly to the car rental company whether the merchant is a member.

* One of the car rental users or passengers can receive subsidies.

* The amount of subsidy varies depending on the model.

* Up to 3 consecutive nights will be subsidized.



Mini Vehicle: 2,000 yen per night

Standard car for 6 passengers: 3,000 yen per night

7-10 Seater (1 box, etc.): 4,000 yen per night

Number 2 (11 passengers including buses): 5,000 yen per night

4 cargo vehicles: ¥ 2,000 yen per night










Ne-4-32, Yaguradani, Shika-machi Hakui-gun, Ishikawa, 925-0156, Japan

Parking:16 cars



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If traveling by bus or train 



If traveling by air







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